Total Performance Equine is a part of our community,
both locally and world-wide.

Sponsored Riders

Total Performance Equine is proud to support our own horse community of clients and patients, as they do what they love to do…compete!
Here are our 4 sponsored riders for 2018!

Dr. Textor is an advisor to the Bay Area Equestrian Club (BAEC), a club for kids who are interested in horses and veterinary medicine. Since 2014, she has helped organize and instruct during BAEC Summer Camps.

Join Us at the
2019 Bay Area Equine Pre-Vet Program!

On March 23, 2019, Dr. Textor participated in a fantastic STEAM conference for middle-school-aged girls, called “Expanding Your Horizons”. The conference was put on by the American Association of University Women (Orinda-Moraga-Lafayette chapter) and was hosted by St. Mary’s University. Dr. Textor led one of several hands-on workshops available to the girls, focusing on Large Animal Veterinary Medicine of course! Participants got to look at xrays while also holding the actual bones in their hands, practice their ultrasound technique, and work up a real-life case together. Fun (and hopefully some learning!) was had by all! Congratulations to the fantastic AAUW team and co-sponsors for their very successful event.
At Total Performance Equine, we love our community and we participate in it!

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