Emergency Service


What should I do if I have an emergency with my horse?

  1. Stay calm yourself and be prepared to describe what you see.
  2. If possible, get your horse to a quiet, safe place, and keep yourself safe in the process.
  3. Have a handler stay with the horse while you call us: (530) 304-1339

What kinds of things are true emergencies for a horse?

  • Colic symptoms: pawing, rolling
  • Full-thickness wounds, especially when near a joint or tendon
  • Penetrating wound to the foot
  • Head trauma
  • Neurologic signs: loss of balance, stumbling or falling, abnormal behavior
  • Severe Lameness
  • Unwilling to move
  • Significantly depressed: off feed, not drinking, not moving
  • Diarrhea if accompanied by fever or depression